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Advisory and Supervisory Responsibility

Post-doctoral Fellows

2008 - 2011 Davide Ruffoni, Ph.D., Computational mechanics of bone-implant failure.
2010 - 2011 Thomas Mueller, Ph.D., Augmentation of bone and bone implants.
2012 - 2013 Pinaki Bhattacharya, Ph.D., The role of tissue quality in bone mechanics.
2012 - 2013 Jef Vanderoost, Ph.D., Bone microstructure in function of bone mechanical quality.
2013 - 2014 Ali Vahdati, Ph.D., Patient-specific predictions for bone treatments.
2017 - 2018 Jef Vanderoost, Ph.D., Development and evaluation of novel online educating tools for medical device design.
2023 -  Piyush Uniyal, PhD, Biomechanical and mechanobiological characterization of the bone-cartilage interface.

Doctoral theses

23/11/2007 Romain Voide, ETH Zurich, Functional phenomics of bone: high-throughput determination of bone strength and its application in locating strength-related genes (co-promotor).
21/12/2009 Thomas L. Mueller, ETH Zurich, Bioimaging and biomechanics of bone competence and implant stability (co-promotor).
10/03/2011 Andreas J. Wirth, ETH Zurich, Assessment of implant stability in low quality bone by micro-structural finite element analysis (co-promotor).
25/05/2011 Antonia Torcasio, KU Leuven, Quantification of bone and peri-implant bone strains using micro-finite element analysis (promotor).
05/06/2012 Samuel Basler, ETH Zurich, Towards a biomechanical understanding of implant stability using functional bioimaging and computational modeling (co-promotor).
07/06/2012 Jef Vanderoost, KU Leuven, Relating bone structure to competence: role of local trabecular properties (promotor).
19/09/2013 Leen Lenaerts, KU Leuven, Patient-specific image-based analysis of bone competence (promotor).
25/11/2015 Xiaolei Zhang, KU Leuven, Effect of high-frequency loading on peri-implant bone remodeling (co-promotor).
29/01/2016 Juri Steiner, ETH Zurich, Micro-FE based in silico model for fracture fixation in osteoporotic human bone (co-promotor).
03/06/2016 Thomas Quirynen, KU Leuven, The interprosthetic gap as a risk factor for interprosthetic fractures of the femur (promotor).
19/06/2017 Benjamin Dourthe, KU Leuven, Osteoarthritis of the thumb joint: occurrence mechanism and understanding via medical imaging and computer modeling techniques (co-promotor).
16/01/2018 Haniyeh Hemmatian, KU Leuven and VU Amsterdam (joint degree), Does the osteocyte lacuna affect bone adaptive response in aging? (promotor).
22/10/2018 Fereshteh Mirahmadi, KU Leuven and VU Amsterdam (joint degree), Biomechanical changes in articulation of the jaw joint due to aging (co-promotor). 
23/09/2019 Karen Mys, KU Leuven, Cone-beam computed tomography is a fast and promising technique for microstructural imaging in clinical practice (promotor). 
02/02/2021 Jonathan Pitocchi, KU Leuven and U. Zaragoza, Computer aided tools for the design and planning of personalized shoulder arthroplasty (promotor, with MªAngeles Pérez Ansón).
30/06/2021 Timo van Leeuwen, KU Leuven, Anatomical adaptations to varying functional demands in the primate thumb (co-promotor).
10/12/2021 Amelie Sas, KU Leuven, Preventing femoral fractures in patients with bone metastases (promotor). 
2023 Fahimeh Azari, KU Leuven, Mechanical and structural alterations after surgical treatment of knee osteoarthritis (promotor).
2024 Jilmen Quintiens, KU Leuven, The role of bone microstructure in osteoarthritis of the wrist (promotor).
2026 Emma Boersma, KU Leuven and U. Melbourne, A microstructural model of osteochondral remodelling in an arthritis mouse model (in vivo) (promotor, with Kathryn Stok).
2026 Cecilia Liberati, KU Leuven, Microstructural changes in the murine knee during onset and development of osteoarthritis (promotor).
2026 Anik Banerjee, KU Leuven and U. Melbourne, Transport of biological factors across the bone-cartilage interface (promotor).

Doctoral theses (external examiner,external advisor, member of committee)

14/04/2009 Dennis Janssen, UMC St Radboud, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Macro- and micro-mechanics of cemented total hip arthroplasty (member promotion committee).
30/11/2009 Filip Callewaert, KU Leuven, Sex steroid signaling in male mice: Relevance for skeletal sexual dimorphism, optimal bone mass acquisition and mechanical sensitivity of the skeleton (external advisor and member promotion committee).
11/12/2009 Peter Varga, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria, Prediction of distal radius fracture load using HR-pQCT-based finite element analysis (external examiner).
16/12/2010 Joris Walraevens, KU Leuven, Biomechanical analysis of the total cervical disc prosthesis (external advisor and member promotion committee).
03/04/2012 Daan Waanders, RU Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Micro and macro level damage mechanics of the cement-bone interface in total hip arthroplasty (member promotion committee).
24/05/2012 Hang Gao, KU Leuven, Imaging left ventricular flow patterns with ultrasound: 2D estimation by combing speckle tracking with Navier-Stokes based regularization  (external advisor and member promotion committee).
31/08/2012 Marlène Mengoni, U. de Liège, Liège, Belgium, On the development of an integrated bone remodeling law for orthodontic tooth movements models using the Finite Element Method (member promotion committee).
20/09/2012 Koen Peeters, KU Leuven, Kinematic modeling of ankle and foot bone motion for applications in orthopedics and gait analysis (member promotion committee).
01/10/2012 Cyril Flaig, ETH Zurich, A highly scalable memory efficient multigrid solver for m-finite element analyses (member promotion committee).
15/05/2013 Aida Monea, KU Leuven, Biomechanical characterization of bicycle accidents related head injuries (member promotion committee).
05/06/2013 Maarten Depypere, KU Leuven, MicroCT imaging of bone architecture and vasculature (external advisor and member promotion committee).
21/10/2013 Javad Hazrati Marangalou, TU Eindhoven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Patient specific prediction of bone failure using microstructure-enhanced continuum finite element models (member promotion committee).
07/01/2014 Joyce Van den Broeck, KU Leuven, Patient-specific instrumentation in orthopaedic surgery. A computational model for design optimization (external advisor and member promotion committee).
31/01/2014 Kavin Karunratanakul, KU Leuven, Quantification of the mechanical environment for tissue engineering in load-bearing bone (external advisor and member promotion committee).
21/02/2014 Grzegorz Pyka, KU Leuven, Micro-CT based morphological and mechanical characterization of open porous metallic materials (external advisor and member promotion committee).
29/04/2014 Thomas Gross, TU Wien, Development and application of 3D CT image-based finite element models for human bones and orthopaedic implants (external examiner).
18/06/2014 Ekaterina Tankisheva, KU Leuven, Optimization of vibration training protocols for different populations (external advisor and member promotion committee).
18/09/2014 Ulrike Kettenberger, EPFL, Switzerland, Development of a bisphosphonate delivering hydrogel for the augmentation of impaired peri-implant bone (external examiner).
22/09/2014 Oksana Shishkina, KU Leuven, Experimental and modelling investigations of structure-property relations in nano-reinforced cellular materials (external advisor and member promotion committee).
12/11/2014 Ruben Wauthle, KU Leuven, Improved peri-prosthetic fixation of orthopaedic implants through innovative selective laser melting techniques (member promotion committee).
10/12/2014 Mieke Sinnesael, KU Leuven,The androgen receptor as a direct target in male musculoskeletal maintenance (member promotion committee).
30/01/2015 Tassos Natsakis, KU Leuven, In vitro analysis of dynamic foot biomechanics using a gait simulator and intra-articular pressure measurements (member promotion committee).
04/02/2015 Tim Willemen, KU Leuven, Biomechanics based analysis of sleep (member promotion committee).
22/07/2015 Tsiloon Li, U. Southampton, UK, Understanding skeletal development across the life course (external examiner).
19/11/2015 Loes Derickx, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Femoral fracture risk prediction in metastatic bone disease (member manuscript committee, member promotion committee).
13/01/2017 Joost de Jong, Maastricht University, A closer look at fracture healing. Fracture healing at the distal radius assessed using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (member manuscript committee, member promotion committee).
12/05/2017 Marco Palanca, U. Bologna, Italy, In vitro full-field methods for the biomechanical characterization of spine segments (external examiner).
25/09/2017 Rémy Gauthier, U. Lyon, France, Crack propagation mechanisms in human cortical bone on different paired anatomical locations: biomechanical, tomographic and biochemical approaches (member promotion committee).
22/11/2017 Faes Kerkhof, KU Leuven, Looking beyond the image. Biomechanics and anatomy of thumb function and instability (member promotion committee).
08/12/2017 Peter Vanden Berghe, KU Leuven, Design of custom implants. Patient-specific analysis and evaluation (external advisor, member promotion committee).
19/06/2018 Xiran Cai, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France, Multiscale investigation of the elastic properties of human cortical bone measured by resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (member promotion committee).
04/07/2018 Steven Leuridan, KU Leuven, Mechanical testing approaches for implant stability assessment (external advisor and member promotion committee).
27/11/2018 Dries De kegel, KU Leuven, Tissue-level tolerance criteria for crash-related head injuries: a combined experimental and numerical approach (member promotion committee)
13/03/2019 Boliang Yu, U. Lyon, France, 3D analysis of bone ultra structure from phase nano-CT imaging (external examiner).
03/05/2019 Tiago de Melo Lopes Martinho Malaquias, KU Leuven, A combined multibody and plantar pressure approach to estimate and predict foot kinematics applied to 3D-printed insoles (external advisor and member promtion committee).
27/06/2019 Andrés Julián Arias Moreno, TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Estimations of mechanical properties of intact and damaged bone from high resolution CT-images (member promotion committee).
05/09/2019 Sanne Vancleef, KU Leuven, An integrated modelling approach for the optimised design of patient-specific, low profile clavicle fracture fixation plates (external advisor and member promotion committee).
06/09/2019 Evelina Ametova, KU Leuven, Quantification and compensation of geometry-induced errors in cone-beam X-ray computed tomography (external advisor and member promotion committee).
27/09/2019 Wouter Van De Walle, KU Leuven, Prediction of the effective thermal conductivity of porous building blocks based on their pore structure (external advisor and member promotion committee).
07/10/2019 Sepanta Fazaeli, VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Biomechanical characterization of the temperomandibular joint disc (member promotion committee).
08/01/2020 Quentin Goossens, KU Leuven, Development of a decision supporting vibro-acoustic method to monitor implant fixation and early detect intra-operative fractures in cementless THA (member promotion committee).
25/02/2020 Monika Stipsitz, TU Wien, Development of a nonlinear micro finite element framework for image-based simulations in bone biomechanics (external examiner).
09/03/2020 Steven Michiels, KU Leuven, Optimization and implementation of emerging technologies to improve radiation therapy of head-and-neck cancer (member promotion committee).
05/06/2020 Susanne Lewin, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, Functional aspects of cranial implants (opponent).
13/09/2020 Katrien Plessers, KU Leuven, Preoperative planning of shoulder arthroplasty based on patient-specific computer models (member promotion committee).
08/10/2020 Michiel Herteleer, KU Leuven, Clinical and anatomical evaluation of midshaft clavicle fracture treatment and the possible implications for a patient-specific approach (external advisor, member promotion committee).
16/12/2020 Hannelore Boey, KU Leuven, Biomechanics assisted evaluation of ligament behaviour during functional movements (external advisor, member promotion committee).
24/09/2021 Christophe Van Dijck, KU Leuven, Mass personalisation of preoperative planning for total knee arthroplasty. Evaluation of statistical models to predict patient-specific shape information (external advisor).
01/10/2021 Joeri Kok, U. Lund, Sweden, Hip fractures. A biomechanical analysis of fracture strength prediction, prevention, and repair (opponent).
15/03/2022 Stijn Huys, KU Leuven, Design elements to improve mechanical and clinical parameters of a total temporomandibular joint replacement (external advisor, member promotion committee).
19/05/2022 Laura Bartsoen, KU Leuven, The impact of parameter uncertainty on patient-specific musculoskeletal modelling for ligament-balanced TKA (external advisor).
26/10/2022 Thomas Anijs, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Total Knee replacement. A biomechanical perspective on fixation and bone adaptation (member promotion committee).
22/12/2022 Alexander Meynen, KU Leuven, An in-silico design workflow for space-filling acetabular revision implants (external advisor, member promotion committee)
14/02/2023 Alexandra Tits, U.Liege, Attaching soft to hard: A multimodal correlative investigation of thetendon-bone interface (member promotion committee).
2023 Fernando Perez Boerema, KU Leuven, Multiscale optimization of implants for larger acetabular defects (external advisor).
2023 Sofie Goeminne, KU Leuven, Kinematic analysis and treatment options in scapholunate complex injuries (external advisor).
2024 Ayoob Davoodi, KU Leuven, Functionally accurate robotics applications in spine surgery (external advisor).
2025 Pieter Ansoms, KU Leuven, Stiffness tailored implants for improved fracture fixation (external advisor).
2026 Wim-Alexander Beckers, KU Leuven, Realtime reconstruction, decision-making and control of MIS instruments (external advisor).


Graduate theses, Master theses

1999 Ronald Ruimerman, Radboud University, Nijmegen, A regulatory model for control of bone homeostasis by mechanical factors.
1999 Marieke Willems, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Bone remodeling around stemmed femoral knee components.
2001 Joost de Hoogh, TU Eindhoven, Numerical modeling of scalp cooling to prevent hair loss induced by chemotherapy.
2004 Martin Renggli, ETH Zurich, Microstructural FE modeling of glass fiber composites.
2004 Silvio Hochreutener, ETH Zurich, Correction of metal-related artifacts in mCT images.
2006 Andreas J. Wirth, ETH Zurich, Finite element modeling of bone-implant systems as assessed from in vivo human high resolution CT.
2007 David Christen, ETH Zurich, Local strains registration of bone microstructure under load.
2008 Samuel Basler, ETH Zurich, Automation and validation of a biomechanical testing device for image-guided failure assessment of bone-implant systems.
2008 Wim Vereecken, KU Leuven, Mechanical competence of bone-implant structures - experimental validation of image-based finite element analyses (ETH Zurich).
2008 Tom Lauwaert, KU Leuven, The effect of soft tissue properties on deformation during axial loading experiments.
2009 Daniel García Garcerá, ETH Zurich, Combining local bone morphometry and micro-finite element (mFE) analysis to investigate localization phenomena in trabecular bone.
2009 Dorien Van Deun, KU Leuven, Experimental assessment of bone strength at the microscale.
2009 Emilie Sauwen, KU Leuven, Stress distribution in the femur: effect of gait pattern and muscle force distribution.
2010 Herlien Declerck, KU Leuven, Development of an automatic multiscale analysis tool for bones scanned with micro-CT (ETH Zurich).
2010 Stephanie Deprey, KU Leuven, Experimental quantification of peri-implant bone strains in rat tibia.
2010 Wim Govaerts, KU Leuven, The effects of partial volume elements in quantifying bone stiffness using the finite element method.
2010 Filip Jonkergouw, KU Leuven, Curvature of the femoral shaft and its effect on the alignment of knee prostheses.
2010 Omara Picazo, ETH Zurich, Optimization of implant design for image-guided failure assessment.
2010 Juri Steiner, ETH Zurich, The role of bone cement on the mechanical properties of trabecular bone and on augmentation of orthopaedic screws: A combined experimental-finite element study.
2011 Tom Meyns, KU Leuven, The effects of one year training on femoral bone strength.
2011 Jack Traxler, ETH Zurich, Dynamic image-guided failure assessment of bone-implant systems.
2011 Sami Abdel Jaber, ETH Zurich, Non-linear finite element analysis of the bone-implant interface.
2012 Remo Affentranger, ETH Zurich, Development of an experimental setup for imaging and testing fracture fixation screws in human trabecular bone.
2012 Thomas Vendrig, KU Leuven, Effect of overstuffing and understuffing in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.
2013 Duncan Betts, ETH Zurich, Numerical evaluation of the bone-implant interface (KU Leuven).
2013 An-Katrien Braeken, KU Leuven, Mechanical assessment of bone microscale properties.
2013 Shibin Cheng, KU Leuven, Optical measurement of bone deformation during loading and failure.
2013 Benoît Renard, U. Liège, Investigation of anisotropy in tissue-scale mechanicsl properties in human femurs (KU Leuven).
2014 Itziar Calleja, KU Leuven, A model for bone fixation.
2014 Janine Jud, ETH Zurich, Towards in vivo quantification of the mechanical competence of tissue-engineered bone (KU Leuven).
2014 Kristof Godelaine, KU Leuven, Evaluation of cellular accommodation for bone density modelling simulations.
2014 Katrien Plessers, KU Leuven, Finite element modeling of the mechanical properties at the scaffold-bone interface
2015 Liesbeth Vancoillie, KU Leuven, Development of a finite element model for the evaluation of the mechanical loading in the wrist.
2015 An Van den Bulck, KU Leuven, Biomechanical evaluation of patient specific implants in corrective osteotomy of the distal radius: a finite element analysis.
2016 Omar El Mahraoui, KU Leuven, Validating cone-beam computed tomography for automatic bone quality classification and finite element modeling (promotors: R. Jacobs and H. van Lenthe).
2016 Georgios Papantonakis, KU Leuven, Unravelling the mechanical properties of the diabetic skeleton: a combined imaging and modeling approach (promotors: H. van Lenthe, K. Vandamme, G. Kerckhofs).
2016 Joke Sergeant, KU Leuven, Strain analysis of small bones: a validation of digital imaging correlation.
2016 Ben Vanthienen, KU Leuven, An ex vivo method for quantifying tibial strain during dynamic squat motion (promotors: H. van Lenthe and L. Scheys).
2017 Laura Bartsoen, KU Leuven, Non-invasive determination of the articular stress distribution in the wrist (promotors: H. van Lenthe and F. Stockmans).
2017 Marie Grimmelprez, KU Leuven, Computational study of clavicle fracture fixation: comparison between a commercial and patient specific plate for transverse and spiral midshaft fractures (promotors: J. Vander Sloten and H. van Lenthe).
2017 Martijn Henkens, KU Leuven, A biomechanical study of a clavicle bone fracture fixation using digital image correlation (promotors: H. van Lenthe, and J. Vander Sloten).
2017 Stijn Huys, KU Leuven, Design and development of a mock-up of a porcine knee joint: the menisci and the articular cartilage (promotors: L. Labey and H. van Lenthe).
2017 Alexander Meynen, KU Leuven, Analyzing thevalidity of a skull fractire energy criterion through subject-specific finite element modeling of head impacts (promotors: J. Vander Sloten, H. van Lenthe, N. Famaey).
2017 Pieter Nyssen, KU Leuven, Evaluation of trabecular architecture in the primate capitate and third metacarpal and its relation to locomotor activities (promotors: H. van Lenthe and E. Vereecke).
2017 Amelie Sas, KU Leuven, Effect of anatomical variation of the proximal femur on stress shielding induced by a calcar guided short stem: an automated finite element analysis study.
2017 Steffi Van Hees, KU Leuven, Comparison of the radiocarpal joint loads before and after proximal row carpectomy (promotors: H. van Lenthe and F. Stockmans).
2018 Elias Aad, KU Leuven, Active three degrees of freedom wrist prostheses design (promotors: H van Lenthe and R. Puers).
2018 Alessio Scupola, U. Bologna, Quantification of bone and cartilage structure in the human wrist (KU Leuven).
2018 Mathilde De Ryck, KU Leuven, Design and development of a mock-up of the knee joint: the meniscus (promotors: L. Labey, L. Scheys, and H. van Lenthe).
2018 Jeroen Vancraen, KU Leuven, Patient-specific optimization of a femoral stem.
2018 Kaat Vertonghen, KU Leuven, Experimental quantification of the contact pressures acting on the trapezium during lateral key pinch (promotors: H. van Lenthe and F. Stockmans).
2019 Ana Olival, U. Minho, Visualization and quantification of mouse femoral head cartilage using micro-CT (KU Leuven; promotors: H. van Lenthe and N. Neves (U.Minho)).
2019 Leonor Ribeiro, U. Minho, Mechanical characterization of bovine articular cartilage after immersion in micro-CT contrast agent PTA and PTA diffusion in articular cartilage of mice femoral head (KU Leuven, promotors: H. van Lenthe, D.Ruffoni (U.Liege), N. Neves (U.Minho)).
2019 Heleen Maes, KU Leuven, Design optimization of dental (supra)structures: an experimental and computational study (promotors: H. van Lenthe and T. Quirynen).
2019 Maylies Mertens, KU Leuven, Design and development of a mock-up of the human knee joint: the meniscus (promotors: L. Labey, L. Scheys, and H. van Lenthe).
2019 Michiel Santy, KU Leuven, Quantification of longitudinal changes in the microarchitecture of the wrist bones after surgery (promotors: H. van Lenthe and F. Stockmans).
2019 Iris Van Caillie, KU Leuven, Preventing femoral fractures in patients with bone metastases: mechanical behaviour of PMMA augmented trabecular bone.
2019 Britt van den Boogert, KU Leuven, Novel preoperative treatment planning for distal radius malunions
2019 Sara Vandyck, KU Leuven, Analysing hinge fractures of open wedge high tibial osteotomy through patient-specific finite element studies (promotors: S. Bartholomeeusen, L. Scheys, H. van Lenthe).
2020 Tim Callewaert, KU Leuven, Determining the optimal spread of dental implants in edentulous patients.
2020 Tea Kostic, KU Leuven, Potential use of Shape Memory Polyurethane Foams for biomedical applications (promotors: L. Labey, H. van Lenthe).
2020 Louis Lyssens, KU Leuven, The effect of anisotropic material properties on the accuracy of finite element models predicting fracture risk in metastatic femurs.
2020 Florian Vanquickenborne, KU Leuven, Postoperative analysis of open wedge high tibial osteotomies through patient-specific finite element models (promotors: S. Bartholomeeusen, L. Scheys, H. van Lenthe).
2020 Jill Verheyen, KU Leuven, Evaluation of hinge fractures during high tibial osteotomies through patient-specific finite element modelling (promotors: S. Bartholomeeusen, L. Scheys, H. van Lenthe).
2021 Loïc De Wolf, Micro finite element analysis of PMMA/bone composites from human femoral heads.
2021 Bart Demeulemeester, Biomechanical analysis of the PEEK fixation plate in HTO with impacted allograft using FEM (promotors: S. Bartholomeeusen, L. Scheys, H. van Lenthe)
2022 Merel Baeten, Effect of fixation plate position on stability of high tibial osteotomies using finite element modelling (promotors: S. Bartholomeeusen, L. Scheys, H. van Lenthe).
2022 Simon De Paep, Quantitative assessment of automatic cartilage estimators in finite element analyses of the wrist


Semester theses, Undergraduate theses, Bachelor theses

2005 Philip Dawsey, Semester project,  ETH Zurich, Effect of injection pressure in LCM processes on composite structure.
2005 Basem Dokhan, Semester project,  ETH Zurich, Fast and accurate prediction of microstructural bone failure.
2005 Joel Stampfli, Semester project, ETH Zurich, Analysis of air entrapped in composite materials.
2006 Martin Walti, Bachelor thesis, ETH Zurich, Validation of a biomechanical testing device for image-guided failure assessment of bone-implant systems.
2007 Raymond Ochsenbein, Semester project, ETH Zurich, Finite element modeling of bone-implant systems.
2007 Patrick Bönzli, Semester project, ETH Zurich, Improvement of the visualization of large scale finite element analysis results.
2008 Andres Montero Ortiz, Semester project,  ETH Zurich, Automated generation of physiological load cases for high-resolution computed tomography based finite element models of the distal radius.
2009 Jeremy Wernli, Semester project, ETH Zurich, Processing and analysis of force, torque and displacement data from image-guided failure assessment of bone-implant systems.
2009 Vasudha Gudipati, Semester Project, ETH Zurich, Development and validation of a sample embedding procedure for image-guided failure assessment of bone-implant systems.
2009 Ewout Lagerweij, KU Leuven and Twente University, Does the loading of the proximal femur change after placement of a total hip prosthesis?
2010 Omiros Exarchos, Semester Project, ETH Zurich, Experimental quantification of implant failure loads in bones with varying quality
2010 Juri Steiner, Practical project ETH Zurich, Quantifying the contribution of cortical and trabecular bone for implant anchorage in osteoporotic bone
2010 Michael Luternauer, Hochschule für Technik Zurich, Biomechanical testing of polymer and metal screw implants (ETH Zurich)
2011 Christoph Wenger, Practical project ETH Zurich, Imaging and biomechanics of bone-implant-cement constructs.
2011 Alberto Santoro, Practical project ETH Zurich, Image guided failure assessment of augmented implants.
2011 Tommy Heck, ETH Zurich, A new method for the modeling of bone-implant interface failure based on micro-finite element analysis.
2012 Jessica Crabb, ETH Zurich, How does the loading direction influence primary implant stability of orthopedic screws in trabecular bone?
2013 Florian Bollinger, ETH Zurich,  Development of an optoelectric marker setup for tracking positions and displacements of fracture fixation devices relative to the fixed bone.
2014 Seline Staub, ETH Zurich, Micromechanical analysis of trabecular bone samples using unsegmented data (KU Leuven).
2016 Urs Hofmann, ETH Zurich, Towards a patient-specific in silico model to quantify primary implant stability in human osteoporotic bone (thesis advisor)
2018 Pablo Marty, ETH Zurich, Do anatomical variations of the proximal femur affect the stress shielding induced by a short-stem hip implant? (KU Leuven)

Research assistants

2004 Mazda Farshad, ETH Zurich, Structural analyses of murine vertebral bones (3 months).
2005 - 2006 Philip Morley, U. British Columbia, Computational analysis of murine vertebral bone strength (1 year, ETH Zurich).
2006 Uche Mennel, ETH Zurich, Implementation of a multi-level PCG algorithm for the mFE analysis of bone structures (3 months).
2008 - 2009 Wenwang Wu, KU Leuven, Design of a device for determining mechanical properties of small bone specimens (1 year).
2010 Annette Sitzer, University Lübeck and University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, Sample mounting setup for dynamic image-guided failure assessment of bone-implant systems (2 months, ETH Zurich).
2010 Marlene Mengoni, U.Liege, Yield and post-yield behavior of trabecular bone analogues (2 months, ETH Zurich).
2010 Wim Govaerts, KU Leuven, Quantifying bone structure-function relationships using a microstructural model of trabecular bone (1 month).
2009-2011 Joke Hendrikx, KU Leuven, Structural and mechanical characterisation of bone tissue.
2008-2012 Ingrid Knippels, KU Leuven, Bone remodeling in the human forearm.
2014-2015 Karen Mys, KU Leuven, Local quantification of bone adaptation following surgical treatment.
2015 Orcun Taylan, KU Leuven, Quantification of bone microstructure at the knee.

Research visitors

2014-2015 Wenlei Pan, Harbin Institute of Technology, How ultrasound backscattering can quantify bone microstructure and bone mechanical quality: optimizing ultrasound parameters through micro-CT-based finite element analysis (scholarship from the China Scholarship Council, CSC, 12 months)
2019-2020 Matin Afshar, Amirkabir University, Computational modeling of screw stability and pull-out.
2020 Stephanie Kahmann, University of Cologne, Finite element modeling and analysis of elbow fractures (1.5 months)
2021-2022 Phachara Suklim, University of Songkhla, Thailand, Finite element modeling of tibia plateau fractures (5 months).