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2000 - 2004 National Institutes of Health (NIDCR/RO1 DE013416-01), Designed scaffold architecture affects bone regeneration, Investigator on Subcontract.
2003 - 2006 ETH Intramural Funding (TH 00124/41-2631.5), Functional phenomics of bone: high-throughput determination of bone strength and its application in locating strength-related genes, Co-Principal Investigator.
2003 - 2005 Robert Mathys Foundation, Micro-tomographic imaging of novel porous biomaterials in a sheep model of critical size bone defects, Investigator.
2004 - 2005 Roche Research Foundation (76-2004), High-throughput phenotyping of vertebral bone mechanical function, Principal Investigator.
2004 - 2006 European Union, Network of Excellence (EXPERTISSUES NMP3-CT-2004-500283), Novel therapeutic strategies for tissue engineering of bone and cartilage using second generation biomimetic scaffolds, Investigator on Consortium Contract.
2004 - 2006 Swiss National Science Foundation, (Grant No. PP-104317/1), Genetic control of bone function as determined from image-guided failure assessment and large-scale computational modeling in the murine spine, Investigator.
2005 - 2006 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Identifying genetic determinants of bone strength. A high-throughput phenomics approach in mice. Principal Investigator.
2005 - 2006 Synthes Bettlach, Three-dimensional analyses of biomaterials, Principal Investigator.
2005 Lonza AG, Studying the feasibility to use micro-computed tomography for the analysis of the structure and the distribution of active ingredient in slug pellets, Principal Investigator.
2005 - 2006 National Institutes of Health (NIAMS/R01 AR027065-25), Epidemiology of age-related bone loss and fractures, Investigator.
2006 Thommen AG, Micro-CT scanning and analysis of bone around surface-modified implants, Principal Investigator.
2006 - 2007 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Multi-level finite element analysis for the accurate assessment of bone stiffness and strength in man. Co-Investigator.
2006 - 2009 Swiss National Science Foundation, (Grant No. 200021-113950), Micro finite element analysis of human bone structures, Co-Investigator.
2006 - 2011 AO Foundation, Network Grant Fracture fixation in osteoporotic bone (CPP-1), Project Leader on Consortium Contract.
2007 - 2008 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. What genetic loci are involved in the regulation of bone strength?, Principal Investigator.
2008 - 2012 Research Fund KU Leuven, Grant OT/08/028/TBA, The combined use of in-situ loading in an X-ray micro-CT system and advanced image processing techniques to unravel the mechanical behaviour and failure of porous materials, Co-investigator
2008 - 2012 Research Fund KU Leuven, Grant STRT1/08/027, A hierarchical analysis of the material and structural aspects of bone strength, Principal Investigator.
2008 - 2012 European Union, Collaborative Project (VPHOP, FP7-ICT-2008-223865), The osteoporotic virtual physiological human, Principal Investigator on Consortium Contract.
2009 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Hierarchical multi-level analyses of age-related bone loss and bone-implant interaction over time. Principal Investigator.
2009 - 2010 Belgium PRODEX-9 Project, Grant No. C90346, FreqBone – Data Exploitation, Principal Investigator.
2009 - 2012 FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders), Grant No. G.0726.09N, Examination and quantification of the osteogenic potential of high-frequency loading during implant osseointegration. Co-PI
2010 - 2011 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Multi-level analyses of age-related bone loss, and its consequences for bone strength and implant stability. Principal Investigator.
2010 - 2017 Flemish Hercules Foundation (HER/09/016) Micro- and nano-CT for hierarchical analysis of matter. Co-PI
2011 Synthes GmbH, Development of a computational model for the mechanical analysis of cement-bone-implant constructs, Principal Investigator
2011 - 2012 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Image-based analyses of bone competence and bone remodeling  for optimizing fracture prevention and improving implant longevity. Principal Investigator.
2012 - 2013 Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI/KTI, (KTI-Nr. 14067.1 PFLS-LS), Improved fixation of implants in osteoporotic bone derived from bone microstructural based finite element computer simulation. Project Leader
2012 - 2015 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Image-based analyses of bone structure and function. Principal Investigator.
2012 - 2016 European Union, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program MOVE-AGE (2011-0015). Prevention of mobility loss with ageing.
2012 - 2016 European Union, (CAD-BONE, FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IAPP-286179), Patient-specific predictions for bone treatments. Principal Investigator on Consortium Contract.
2012 - 2017 KU Leuven (DBOF), Move−Age: doctorate program on prevention of mobility loss with ageing.
2012 - 2016 ESA/ESTEC. (ESTEC-No 4200014232-CCN8), Effect of microgravity at bone cell and tissue levels: in vitro BONE. Principal Investigator on Consortium Contract.
2015 - 2017 European Union, Erasmus+, Medinvent: educating for innovation and standards in medical device design and integration using novel online tools. Principal Investigator on Consortium Contract.
2015 - 2018 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. The role of mechanics in fracture healing and bone turnover. Principal Investigator.
2016 - 2020 KU Leuven Internal Funds, Grant C24/16/027, Quantification of bone microstructure in patients with osteoarthritis: the key towards improving treatment?, Principal Investigator
2016 - 2020  European Knee Society 2016 Research Award, Mobile vs. fixed bearing UKA: proximal tibial strain in cadaver and finite element models, Co-PI.
2016 - 2022 FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders), Grant G0H1116N, Biomechanics testing facility: facility for the identification of mechanical properties of biological tissue, Co-PI.
2018 - 2021 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Multiscale in silico modelling of bone mechanoregulation: from molecule to cell, tissue and organ. Principal Investigator.
2018 - 2021 FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders; PhD Fellowship strategic basic research), Preventing femoral fractures in patients with bone metastases, Principal Investigator. 
2021 - 2024 Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. Agent-based multiphysics modelling of bone turnover: establishing preclinical and clinical tools for exploring the pathophysiology of aging. Principal Investigator.
2021 - 2028 FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders), FIBEr, a reference center for MDR-compliant mechanical characterization of biological tissue and biomaterials, Co-PI.
2022 - 2025 VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Baekeland PhD Fellowship), The development of a patient-specific and anatomically correct CMC1 joint prosthesis. Principal Investigator.
2022 - 2026 Excellence of Science (EOS), grant ID: 40007553, Understanding joint health: biomechanical and mechanobiological characterization of the bone-cartilage interface, Principal Investigator. 
2022 - 2026 Global PhD Partnerships - KU Leuven & University of Melbourne, A micromechanical model of load transfer across the bone-cartilage interface to evaluate osteochondral remodelling in osteoarthritis, Principal Investigator.